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Dear Readers,

I sincerely hope that you and your family are safe and abiding by the social distance rules. We are all in an unprecedented scenario as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, and difficult and unpredictable times lie ahead. All authors, patrons, and readers are wished a great and prosperous new year on behalf of JMEP, the Editorial Board, and the Editorial Team of our journal. It is a fascinating and thrilling experience when a notion that has been lingering in the mind becomes true. This new task I have as Editor-in-Chief is one of those beloved jobs that I will do my absolute best to complete. I will reassure each and every one of our readers that we will continue to make efforts to improve the visibility, impact, editorial cycle time, citations, and general calibre of our publications. We are eager to improve the standing of our publications and increase the number of contributions of higher calibre. I hope our readers share the same vision, and we anticipate a fruitful, demanding, and prosperous year ahead. Any suggestions for improving our processes are appreciated in the spirit of continual improvement.

Dr. Arijit Kundu

Editor-in-Chief, PRAKASH

Associate Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College

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TRNSYS simulation of desiccant powered evaporative cooling systems in hot and humid climate

D.B. Jani

Experimental Study of Process Parameter for Surface Roughness in WEDM

A. Kumar, A. Kumar, N. Dutt, V.P. Singh, C.S. Meena, A. Prasad

Boiling Heat Transfer of Low GWP Refrigerants: A Review

S. Ray

A Sensitivity Analysis on a MCDM Problem Evaluated by ARAS Method 

D. Roy, S. Mitra




ANN Based Estimation of Geometry of Bead-on-Plate in Pulsed Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

A. Das, S. Bose, S. Das

Affordable cold storage for preservation of perishable agricultural products in the context of

North Bengal

U. Das, A. Mahapatra




Review on Artificial Neural Network and its Application in the Field of Engineering

A.K. Paul, A. Prasad, A Kumar





Optimization of Cutting parameters of AISI 1018 Low Carbon Mild steel in turning using green cutting

fluid by Taguchi Method

S. Ghosh, M.C. Mandal, K. Das, N. Mondal, A. Ray

Fuel Requirement Optimization of a Vehicle by using Taguchi

S. Das, D. Banerjee

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