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Subject of Interest

Energy Principles
Thermal Engineering Applications
Heat Transfer Equipments
Multiphase Fluid Flow
Combustion and Propulsion
Computational Methods for Thermo-Fluid Arena
Micro and Nanofluidics
Nuclear and Space Applications
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Renewable Energy and Environment
Non-Conventional Energy Resources

Solid Mechanics
Solid Mechanics, Materials and Structures
Material Characterization and Mechanical Behaviour of Engineering Materials
Failure and Damage Analyses
Numerical Simulations for Stress and Deformation Analysis of Solids
Fracture Mechanics
Weldments and Joints
Fatigue-creep Interaction
Practical Case Studies in Solid Mechanics

Manufacturing and Production Management
Management Principles and New Product Development
Machinery Dynamics and Manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing
Casting and Forming
Composite Materials
Green Manufacturing
Production Planning and Management
Quality Control and Management
Traditional and Non-Traditional Manufacturing

Design Theory and Methodology
Design Theory and Methodology
Design of Machine Elements and Optimization
Design Management
Reliability of Mechanical Systems in Design
Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechanisms and Machines
Nonlinear Phenomena in Mechanisms, Machines and Mechanical Systems
Micro Electro - Mechanical Systems
Automation, Robotic Systems, CNC Machines, Mechatronics
Internet of Things

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